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Further Reading

The library is the beginning of a resource for searching. A collection point for the sharing of knowledge.

The texts below can be found in our non-lending library. The table is a work-in-progress, bear with us while we continue to slowly add to it.

Author Title Category
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Word For World is Forest Fiction The Word for World is Forest cover
Sen, Aveek Pocket Book Essay pocket book cover
Bennet, Gordon Selected Writings Essay >
Frichot, Hélène Dirty Theory
Barbara Journal Issue 01: Construction Journal
Goodwin, Channon Permanent Recession, a Handbook on Art, Labour and Circumstance Labour, Art, Collectives
Stuart Geddes and Trent Walter NIRIN NGAAY Essay
Bavyka, Julia the moment you realise what you don't have to be zine
Sam's Club Sam's Club UTS MoA Research Cultures
Architorture Architorture UTS MoA Research Cultures
artefact: 2055 artefact: 2055 UTS MoA Research Cultures
Post-Post- Melbourne, Sydney; References, Reflections and Remarks Public talk series Melboure, Sydney cover
Post-Post- Mostly Nothing Mostly Nothing cover
Collaborative Texts / Felix McNamara and Jonathan Kopinski Deep Sea, Other Places Deep Sea Other Places cover
Gill, Simryn A Machine, a Manual A Machine, a Manual cover
Sabsabi, Khaled Alif Meem Alif Meem cover
hooks, bell All About Love
Plumwood, Val Feminism and the Mastery of Nature
Escobar, Arturo Designs for the Pluriverse
Haraway, Donna Staying with the Trouble
Halberstam, Jack Wild Things
Puig de la Bellacasa, Maria Matters of Care
Massy, Charles Call of the Reed Warbler
Molonglo Landscape as Protagonist
Butler, Judith Bodies that Matter
Marris, Emma Rambunctious Garden
Freire, Paulo Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Lispector, Clarice Hour of the Star Fiction
Olufemi, Lola Experiments in Imagining Otherwise
The Care Collective The Care Manifesto Care, interdependence, capitalism
Frichot, Hélène Feminist Design Power Tool feminism, tools, care, labour
Disorganising Workbook art, labour, decolonial, collectives, urban planning
Gabriel, Kay Kissing Other People or The House of Fame
Brooks, Andrew Inferno
Dr. Foley, Gary Goori Reader No.1: History, Memory and the role of Cultural Organisations in Entrenching Colonisation, in Australia and Beyond
Snack Syndicate Homework
Wriedt, John (ed.) Notes from the Underdog: Agriculture for Subsistence in Porto
Aureli, Pier The City as a Project
51N4E How Things Meet
Wilkie, George Building Your Own Home
Kalanjay Dhir and Dr.Paola Balla Paradise Journal Issue 01: Backyard Indigenous art practices, Parramatta river, development
Matte McConnell, Roger Miranda Navarro & Rhiannon Brownbill, and Eleanor Peres & Alex Psaltis Paradise Journal Issue 01: Backyard Indigenous knowledges, positioning, Austrailiana, Ambient music
Elesi Atsu and Isaac Harrison Paradise Journal Issue 01: Backyard Gardens, Immigration, Mad Max, Australian Cinema
Madeline Lo-Booth and Gabba Community Vision Paradise Journal Issue 01: Backyard Gardens, Suburbs, Development, The Block, Media
Cluitmans, Laurie (ed.) On the Necessity of Gardening Gardens, Gardening, Botany